Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Afternoon Tea Tuesdays: Teacup 3 tier stand

Alice Finds an Orange Rose, Vintage China Jewelry Stand Display in 3 Black Japanese Tiers -- FREE SHIPPING

I spotted this beautiful jewellery stands from  High Tea for Alice  on Etsy. 
I think they would still be great for a high tea stand as you could place
long thin biscuits in the tea cup. Her entire collection is gorgeous.
Hard part is choosing just one. 

I know this post is not actually posted on Tuesday.
I ran out of time during the day. Sorry. 

(Photos: High Tea for Alice)

Alice Eats a Peach, Floral Vintage China Cake Stand Pedestal in 2 Tiers for Cupcakes, High Tea, Birthday, Shower or Wedding Candy Bar

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