Monday, April 9, 2012

Taste Test: Donna Hay Macarons

As mentioned before, I’ve been so eager to try out the Donna Hay packet mixes. In an earlier post I tried out the Molten chocolate brownies. This time I tried the Almond macarons with chocolate filling. This packet mix has intrigued me as I’m dying to see what the result is like because of the small amount of ingredients required and the “egg mix”.

The carton contained; egg mix (powdered egg whites), almond mix and chocolate pieces. While you supply the warm and cold water and 2 table spoons of cream. The method is simple; rehydrating the powdered egg with warm water, beating the egg mix to a glossy consistency, folding through the almond mix, piping and baking. Assembling is a matter of melting the chocolate in the cream and sandwiching the macarons together.

I was very surprised by the result as they looked like proper macarons with their crunchy top, and feet. Their middles were not as soft as regular macaron but that could be due to my oven’s temperature. Overall these macarons are a great cheat alternative for an afternoon high tea if you have limited time and a great sense of achievement for an kitchen novice. 

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