Friday, March 9, 2012

Taste Test

If you don’t frequently walk down and ponder the baking isle as much I do you may have not noticed the range of Donna Hay packet baking mixes; Brownie, Macaroons and Cupcakes. I have really wanted to taste test the mixes because I am a fan of Donna Hay's recipes and also compare them to the real deal of homemade. So today I took the plunge and bought the Molten Chocolate Chunk Brownie. I do not normally buy packet mixes as I’m a firm believer of good quality fresh foods, homemade (how hard is it really to bake a simple cake) and knowing what and how much is really in my food. The last packet mix I bought was when I was a tween for a friend’s birthday.

As a usual packet mix you only needed a few items; an oven, pan, butter and eggs. Chuck all the ingredients in a bowl, stir in the chocolate chunks (tasted like compound chocolate) bake for 40mins and voila; Molten brownies.

How did they stack up? They looked like the picture on the  box; gooey chocolate, moist and fudgy. How did they taste? Overall - Ok. They were very very sweet. The sweetness overpowered the flavour of the chocolate completely. They had the texture of a good brownie but lacked the flavour. Kids and teenagers love them as my brother woofed three down with a glass of milk in record time. They would be great for kids that want to bake or an unexpected play date but not for an indulgent afternoon tea.

Has anyone else tried the range? What do you think about them? I am so curious about the macaroons. There next on my list to try.

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